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About ParkBee

ParkBee develops smart proptech used to discover parking locations that were previously hidden to you. Like many successful business models, ParkBee was born out of frustration. In 2014, fulltime commuters Jian Jiang and Tom Buchman realised how little parking potential was being used, and set out on a mobility revolution.

The concept was smart, yet simple: open up hidden parking potential to the public, get cars off the street and alleviate the huge pressure of parking in and around cities. Talking to property owners and leading parking apps uncovered the need for smart technology to open barriers and exit doors.

This was developed as part of the YES!Delft and the ESA Incubation Centre. March 2016 saw the opening of the first ParkBee locations in the Netherlands and in 2017 ParkBee launched dozens of new locations in the UK.

By 2020 ParkBee aims to be a leading tech company with a 200+ network of locations in 30 major cities in Western and Northern Europe. Growth towards full-scale mobility hubs that include EV charging stations and parcel pick-up points, and encouraging transport sharing is currently being piloted.

ParkBee uncovers the space we have, adds value for all its users and Keeps Your City Moving

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