How are you maximising your building’s full potential?

Our technology provides smart access control and connects your car park to millions of Parkmobile & Park-line users in the Netherlands. ParkBee ensures that your car park is used to its full potential.

At more than 130 locations in The Netherlands and the United Kingdom we optimise the use of space. Creating an additional revenue stream for car park owners, with minimal effort.

All to Keep Your City Moving.

How it works

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What’s in it for you

Are you maximising the full potential of your property? Now you are.

Grow your revenue

Create an additional revenue stream with minimal effort.


Set your property and business apart

Create a more sustainable building by opening up your parking to registered users and maximising the use of your space.


Maximise the full potential of your property

Get real-time data and analytics to optimise your portfolio.

800K + Transactions
1.750 + Kilometers saved searching for parking spaces
6000 + Parking spots available

Be part of our success story

Our smart proptech seamlessly integrates with your existing access barriers and exit doors, meaning minimal active participation is needed from you. Thanks to our collaboration with Parkmobile and RingGo, you’ll have access to the Netherlands’/UK’s largest consumer base.

Verticals we operate

70 Office buildings
30 Residential buildings
20 Hotels
10 Commercial car parks

What our partners say about us

How it works

Within just 2 weeks your ParkBee location can be up, running and adding revenue to your current portfolio. Ready to Keep Your City Moving.

1. Contracting

We validate the location and share our insights with you. If we both agree we then sign a flexible contract.

2. Pre-launch

ParkBee’s operations team installs our smart technology and signage on-site, ensuring barriers and exit doors can be opened with the tap of an app. Within just 2 weeks, your ParkBee location can be up, running and creating additional revenue for your current portfolio.

3. Launch: Creating a buzz

Creating a buzz. The user basis of the largest parking apps are available to you. We use real-time data and analytics to ensure your new parking location is presented to the right consumers at the right time.

4. Flexibility

Thanks to our smart tech we always know when you have spots available and will never overcrowd your car park. Our Mobility Management Solution allows you to remain in control. If you need to keep some spots free for internal use, you can adjust the amount of spots in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an investment needed to start with ParkBee?

The short answer is: No. ParkBee does not require any upfront investment. The only costs we charge is €650,- which is deducted from the first revenues.

How flexible is the agreement?

Very flexible. ParkBee believes in the sharing economy and to turning your parking space into a valuable asset. To give owners the right level of flexibility, the availability of spots can be managed through the management portal, in real-time. You decide when your parking space is accessible to others.

What if we need the parking spots ourselves?

A Management portal is provided to the owner or administrator. Using the platform, owners can change the availability of the car park in real-time. So, if there’s an event or you need some parking spots yourself, the availability can always be adjusted.

How are the parking fees charged?

The fees are charged via the parking app to assure secure payment. ParkBee is collecting the fees with the Parking App provider and sends a credit invoice to the owner.

Keep your city moving

We optimise the use of space by maximising the potential of underused parking locations of public car parks and private real-estate like office buildings, residential buildings and hotels. Limiting the need to build new parking locations and alleviating pressure on cities.
Find out what you can earn